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2016 Junior Olympic Qualifiers and West-Rock Division Junior & Cadet Championships

Date: Sunday, November 22, 2015

at the Fencing Academy of Westchester, Hawthorne, NY

Age Categories:  Junior, Cadet

Event Fee: $60/event

Pre-registration is now open on AskFred and closes on November 8. Late entries will be accepted at double entry fee between November 9 and November 15. Absolutely NO entries will be accepted after midnight on March 15th, no exceptions.

To pre-register for the 2016 Junior Olympic Qualifiers, Click HERE

Important Notes:

All fencers in these tournaments must be members of the West-Rock Division and hold current USFA Membership. You will be asked to present your membership card at check-in. Please verify your division with the USFA (NOT Askfred!) before registering — you can do that by clicking HERE.

Events must have 4 fencers to be a Division Championship.

Please note that AskFred is independent from the USFA — classification upgrades noted on AskFred are not valid until confirmed by the USFA.

Late registration can be made via email to Please send the fencer’s name, birth year, weapon, age categories, and classification in the email.

Payment for these events cannot be made online. Checks, made payable to the West-Rock Division USFA can be mailed in advance to the address noted on the “more info” page of the AskFred tournament listing. Payment is also accepted at the door in cash or check. Credit Cards not accepted.

If you register for multiple events, payment for all events is expected by check-in for the first event. Refunds are not granted if fencers elect to withdraw from later events.

The West-Rock Division is a 501c3 non-profit. Tournament fees go directly to referee payments and costs associated with running the qualifier.

Event times are subject to change based on number of registrants. Please check our website and AskFred for updates.

Close of Check-in Times:

Event Close of Check-in
Junior Men’s Epee 9:00AM
Junior Men’s Foil 9:30AM
Junior Men’s Saber 9:30AM
Junior Women’s Foil 10:00AM
Junior Women’s Saber 11:00AM
Junior Women’s Epee 11:30AM
Cadet Women’s Saber 12:00PM
Cadet Men’s Epee 12:30PM
Cadet Men’s Foil 12:30PM
Cadet Men’s Saber 1:00PM
Cadet Women’s Foil 1:30PM

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