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West-Rock Takes the Podium at the 2014 Summer National Championships

At the 2014 Summer National Championships and July NAC, the West-Rock Division was represented by 267 entries! We had 20 fencers place in the top 8 — that’s 10% of our competitors. We also saw 3 National Champions; 3 Silver Medalists; and 5 Bronze Medalists.

What a showing! 

Congratulations to everyone that competed and their coaches. An extra big Congratulations to the following West-Rock fencers who finished on the podium:

Place Event First Last
3 DV2WF Klarissa Cristie Armada
2 U16WF Sylvie A Binder
6 U19WF Sylvie A Binder
1 Y10MF Zachary B Binder
5 V70WF Judith F Evans
3 D1AWF Audra M Fox
1 Y10WE Keegan T Glucksman
7 Y12WE Keegan T Glucksman
8 DV3ME Gabriel A Lane
3 Y10ME Milan Maddineni
7 DV2MS Joon D Peak
3 V70WE Diane Reckling
2 V70WF Diane Reckling
7 D1AWS Lindsay Sapienza
1 DV2WS Lindsay Sapienza
3 DV1MS Jonah L Shainberg
2 U19MS Jonah L Shainberg
6 DV3MF Jared Sugarman
8 DV1WE Victoria R Wines
5 U19WE Victoria R Wines


Junior Women's Foil Medal Winner Sylvie Binder of FAW (front row, center)

Junior Women’s Foil Medal Winner Sylvie Binder of FAW (front row, center)

2014 Junior Olympic Results

On Sunday, November 17, young fencers from across Westchester and Rockland competed to earn a qualifying spot for the 2014 USFA Junior Olympics in Portland, Oregon.

Results are available here.

Stay tuned for photos from the event!